• 7:15 PM – 8:00 PM

  • From SEPTEMBER 15 to NOVEMBER 15, 2017
  • From FEBRUARY 2 to APRIL 11, 2018

    Daily open silent meditation session (free).
    The doors of the Meditation Hall will open at 7:00 PM
    and close at 7:10 PM.

    All participants are kindly requested
    to be present by 7:05 PM. Please be on time.


Meditation as Choiceless Awareness

  • Meditation is an essential part of the spiritual practice (sadhana). The whole point of meditation is to quieten the mind, and through the gateway of silence, recognize the Truth of what we really are.

  • When the mind becomes still and the thoughts subside, meditation (dhyana) happens. It is a state of deep relaxation empty of all the contents of the mind.

  • One has simply to watch the fluctuations of the mind without touching anything. There is no need to try to stop the modifications of the mind. We should just ignore them. By remaining as a neutral witness of thoughts, sensations and perceptions, the natural stream of mental activity gradually slows down and eventually comes to rest.

  • Then the background within which all is appearing is experienced. One comes to know that which is prior to the mind, the subject of all relative awareness, the true Self or Pure Awareness. This is our Natural State, who we really are. In this stateless State there is peace, harmony, a sense of wholeness and a deep contentment—beyond word. This is “the Peace that passes understanding”.

  • Ideally we sit comfortably on floor cushions for meditation but one can also sit on a chair. The main thing is that the body is still and relaxed, the spine is straight and the breath is flowing.

    If choiceless awareness is too difficult, one then takes a point of concentration to focus the mind: this can be a mantra, a sacred symbol or the natural breath. Our breath is always present and is a most powerful tool to take one directly back to the Source.
  • It is extremely valuable to sit together in a group. The group energy helps to lift the energy and focus the mind.

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