[...] The true meaning of religion is that which unites. The true purpose of religion is to unite the soul with its source, which is God. It is natural to have differences of rituals, philosophies and doctrines in various religions.  Just as the different colors and fragrances of various flowers add beauty and charm to a garden, similarly the different paths leading to the ultimate spiritual summit have their own unique beauty.

However, at the level of the Spirit, the Atman, these differences disappear. The Spirit is Infinite and Eternal. There cannot be two Infinities; therefore the highest Spirituality is the same in all religions, and indeed is the essential part of every religion. From the spiritual point of view, all living beings are one. It is through true spiritual Experience, that one realizes directly this unity in diversity. Differences exist only at the level of the mind.

One who transcends the mind, experiences first-hand the eternal Bliss-Consciousness which is all-pervasive, present in all things and all living beings. Such a one transcends all limitations; all the religions are his own, and yet he is not bound to any religion. He or she clearly perceives that all the different paths, if followed with sincerity, purity of intention and deep aspiration to discover the Truth, lead to the Divine, the timeless infinite Consciousness unbound by time, space, qualities and the law of causation [...].